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Miniature Pressure Transducer for flush mounting on curved surfaces The Model 8507C is designed for installations that do not require threaded mounting, or locations that are difficult to reach. Its small size (2.3 mm diameter cylindrical case) permits flush mounting on curved surfaces. This miniature, high sensitivity piezoresistive pressure transducer is available in ranges from 1 psi to 15 psi, with full scale output up to 300 mV. The Model 8507C provides excellent performance and stability during temperature transients, using self-contained hybrid temperature compensation. It also offers excellent linearity (up to 3X range) and high shock resistance (up to 10,000g's). The Model 8507C's active four-arm strain gage bridge is diffused into a sculptured silicon diaphragm for maximum sensitivity and wideband frequency response. This high sensitivity, combined with small size, makes the transducer ideal for use on small-scale models in wind tunnels. Endevco's Model 136 Three-Channel System, Model 4428A or 4430A Signal Conditioner, or OASIS 200 Computer-Controlled System are recommended as a signal conditioner and power supply. ______________________________________________
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October 2002

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