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Model 752A i-TEDS Accelerometer demonstrates outstanding shock survivability in rugged environments. Endevco's Model 752A is a lightweight piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics, featuring IEEE P1451.4 Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) capabilities. The rugged, hermetically sealed Model 752A is ideal for aerospace, automotive and general laboratory applications, offering exceptional resolution and wide bandwidth (flat to 10 kHz). This accelerometer is available in a 100mV/g version (752A12) and a 1V/g version (752A13). The Model 752A demonstrates outstanding shock survivability, able to withstand most rough handling in laboratory environments without sustaining internal damage. In addition to providing superior dynamic range and frequency responses, the accelerometer maintains excellent phase characteristics over its entire operating frequency range. The Model 752A features a 10-32 top connector and a hex mounting base utilizing a 10-32 mounting stud. It can be powered by any signal analyzer with a 2 to 10 mA constant current supply. The accelerometer also features Endevco's PIEZITE® Type P-8 crystal element. Endevco's Signal Conditioner Models 133, 2792B, 2793, 4416B or OASIS 482B, 433 or 428 are recommended for use with this accelerometer. Signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface. ______________________________________________
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November 2002

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