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Model 7596A VALULINE(tm) Series Accelerometers are rugged, low-cost solutions for applications requiring DC acceleration measurement. Endevco's new Model 7596A and 7596AM3 VALULINE accelerometers offer a cost-effective solution for high accuracy, low level acceleration measurements requiring DC response. Featuring gas damping and internal overrange stops, the VALULINE is able to withstand high shocks (up to 10,000 g's) and acceleration loads. The VALULINE's patented design provides excellent stability, with a warm-up time of 10 ms and overrange recovery of <10 µs. The VALULINE is ideal for laboratory measurements, ground transportation studies and measurements, and modal studies on large structures. The Model 7596A features an integral cable, while the Model 7596AM3 incorporates a 6-pin connector, allowing for cable replacement. The 7596AM3 also provides an optional temperature sensor output for external thermal compensation. Operating from 8.5 Vdc to 30 Vdc, VALULINE provides a high level, low impedance output that can drive most laboratory instruments, tape recorders and data acquisition systems without amplification or signal conditioning. Endevco Model 136 Three-Channel System, Model 4430A or OASIS Computer-Controlled System are recommended signal conditioners. ______________________________________________
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November 2002

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