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Model 7293A Variable Capacitance Accelerometer offers special for EMI/RFI Shield and Filtering The Endevco Model 7293A MICROTRON® accelerometer family utilizes unique variable capacitance microsensors and incorporates special filtering and shielding for EMI and RFI exposure. Designed for measurement of steady-state or low frequency, low level accelerations, the Model 7293A is ideal for aerospace and factory environments where EMI and RFI are a particular concern. The Model 7293A's anisotropically-etched silicon microsensors can withstand high shock (up to 10,000g's) and acceleration loads. The use of gas damping on the sensors results in very small thermally-induced changes in frequency response. The Model 7293A can operate from 9.5Vdc to 18.0Vdc. It provides a high level, low impedance +2 volt differential output, which is de-coupled at a dc bias of approximately 3.6Vdc. Endevco's Model 136 Three-Channel System or OASIS 2000 Computer Controlled System are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply. Endevco is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of dynamic instrumentation for vibration, shock and pressure measurement. The company's comprehensive line of piezoelectric, piezoresistive, ISOTRON® and variable capacitance accelerometers are used to solve measurement problems in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, industrial and marine. Other products include pressure transducers, microphones, electronic instruments, and calibration systems. ______________________________________________
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March 2003

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