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Endevco delivers first ship set of F-35 flight test sensors. Endevco Corporation, a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of mission critical sensor instrumentation to the military and defense community, announces the delivery of the first ship set of sensors for the F-35 Lightning II flight test program to Lockheed Martin Ft. Worth, Texas. Endevco sensors will take flight aboard the first F-35 test aircraft which recently debuted to the public and was named Lightning II at Lockheed Martin's assembly facility in Ft. Worth. Endevco will be providing a suite of high performance, high accuracy accelerometers and mission critical pressure sensor microphones for the F-35 flight test program. Endevco has partnered with Lockheed Martin over the last five years as the flight test parameters have evolved and the sensor requirements solidified. "We are proud to be part of the Joint Strike Fighter program and a trusted supplier of the F-35 flight test program," stated John Kemp, President of Endevco. "We have a long history designing, developing, and delivering mission critical sensors utilized in advanced flight programs and testing applications. Endevco is currently manufacturing and delivering specific ship-set requirements for the remainder of the F-35 flight test program. Endevco supports flight test programs such as the F-35 through a total team effort with Lockheed Martin and its partners."

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July 2006

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