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Endevco introduces industry’s first miniature, 100 mV/g, high-temp IEPE accelerometer for environments up to 175°C.

Endevco Corporation, the leader in sensing solutions for demanding vibration, shock and pressure applications, has announced introduction of the industry’s first miniature, 100 mV/g, high-temperature IEPE accelerometer, the model 67-100, designed for structural and component testing and monitoring in environments up to 175°C.

The triaxial model 67 features welded titanium construction in a small cube 14.8 mm on each side, is hermetically sealed against environmental contamination, and provides high output sensitivity. In addition, its light weight of less than 14 grams effectively minimizes mass loading effects.

The model 67 uses an Endevco Piezite Type P-8 crystal element operating in the annular shear mode to achieve low base strain sensitivity and excellent output stability over time. It incorporates internal hybrid signal conditioners to achieve a low noise floor. Other features include low-impedance output, 35,000 Hz resonant frequency, 5,000 g peak shock limit, and a 4-pin 10-32 side-mounted connector. A model 67-10 with sensitivity of 10 mV/g and an operating temperature of 175°C is also available.

Power to the model 67, in the form of a constant current, travels through the same pins as the low impedance output signals. The model 67 is designed for either adhesive mounting or screw mounting using an M4 screw.

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November 2007

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