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Endevco announces 2008 technical training seminars available at customer sites and at Endevco headquarters.

Endevco Corporation, the leader in sensing solutions for demanding vibration, shock and pressure applications, has announced its technical training offerings for 2008. These offerings include four-hour seminars on location at customer sites scheduled at their request as well as a series of multi-day courses at Endevco headquarters.

“These training resources are an integral part of the Endevco commitment to supporting its customers and the industry with information on the latest sensing technology innovations and how to most effectively implement them,” said Alan Manara, Endevco Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The on-site Endevco Vibration and Shock Training seminar is free of charge and designed as a value-added service for test engineers and test technicians at Endevco customers, with groups of 10 or more attendees. Suggested attendees are instrumentation technicians, test engineers, design engineers, data quality engineers, test and measurement laboratory personnel, and front-line managers in the testing community.

The seminar is technology, product design and application specific with a focus on end users of accelerometers, dynamic pressure transducers and electronics signal conditioners. It includes a comprehensive training manual for each attendee containing 23 sections of technology, application and reference information. Endevco has pre-selected four sections of the manual for the standard, four-hour seminar covering Accelerometer ABCs, Vibration and Shock Basics, Applications & Selection, and Best Practices. The seminar can also be customized to address specific needs. Additional topics include Modal Analysis, Calibration Systems, Product Categories, Silicon Product Designs, and Electronic Products.

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February 2008

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