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New 2008 Endevco Product Catalog and Measurement Resource is comprehensive sensing solutions reference.

Endevco, the leader in sensing solutions for demanding shock, vibration and pressure applications, has announced publication of its new 2008 Product Catalog and Measurement Resource™. The volume is a comprehensive guide to advanced sensor technology and selection as well as the Endevco product line and support services. It includes valuable references materials such as frequently requested technical papers.

The 2008 Endevco Catalog and Measurement Resource is a total sensing solutions resource covering background on the company, how to select accelerometers for test applications, sensor selection by market segment, a breakdown of typical applications, complete product technical data (accelerometers, transducers, microphones, cables, electronics and accessories), accelerometer mounting and installation, support services such as calibration and applications engineering, the company’s Guaranteed In-Stock program, and references including technical papers, dynamic test handbook and master selection guide. This year’s catalog includes an additional section identifying new products for quick reference. The 2008 Endevco Product Catalog and Measurement Resource is available both in hard copy and interactive digital format.

“Our 2008 Product Catalog and Measurement Resource encompasses Endevco's 60 years of innovation, dedication to the proper use of advanced sensors, and continually growing product offering,” said Alan Manara, Endevco Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our goal is provide the industry’s easiest to use and most complete resource for the vibration, shock and pressure sensor community.”

Visit www.endevco.com/resources/Catalog.aspx to order the hard copy or view the digital version of the 2008 Endevco Product Catalog and Measurement Resource.

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March 2008

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