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CO2 transmitters with insensitive infrared measurement principle

The new CO2 transmitter series EE850 and EE820 from E+E Elektronik allow highly accurate and reliable measurements of CO2 concentrations up to 10,000 ppm.

The applied infrared measurement principle (dual wavelength NDIR* procedure) is particularly insensitive to pollution. The transmitter’s autocalibration function automatically compensates for aging effects. (* non-dispersive infrared technology)

CO2 transmitter for challenging tasks
The advantages of the NDIR dual wavelength procedure are also brought to bear in the new CO2 transmitters EE850 and EE820.

The CO2 and temperature transmitter EE850 is ideal for use in building technology and applications in harsh environments. The CO2 concentrations and temperature measurements are available on the analogue current or voltage outputs. As an option, the EE850 offers an additional passive temperature output.

The EE820 CO2 transmitter was also developed for especially demanding applications. The robust, functional housing with integrated special filter allows the EE820 to be used in contaminated environments, such as in agricultural operations, stalls, hatchers or greenhouses.

About E+E Elektronik:
E+E Elektronik GmbH, with headquaters in Engerwitzdorf/Austria, belongs to the Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH group. With around 240 employees, E+E develops and manufactures sensors and transmitters for relative humidity, CO2, air velocity and flow as well as humidity calibration systems. The main E+E markets are HVAC, process control and automotive. With an export share of around 97 % E+E has branch offices in China, Germany, France, Italy, Korea and the USA as well as an international dealer network. Beside operating own accredited calibration laboratories, E+E Elektronik has been appointed by the Austrian Federal Office for Calibration and Measurement (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen; BEV) as designated laboratory to supply the national standards for humidity and air velocity.
For more information, please contact :-

E+E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H.
Langwiesen 7
A-4209 Engerwitzdorf, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43 (0)7235 605-328
Fax: +43 (0)7235 605-8
Email: info@epluse.com

July 2014

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