Thermistor Linearizing Circuit

EuroSensor announces the arrival of the YSI 4800LC which
converts the non-linear resistive response of thermistors to
a linear output.

The output is a TLL or RS-232 serial digital data stream.
Now engineers can reduce the design cycle while taking advantage
of highly-accurate and stable YSI PrecisionTM thermistors and also
many other makes.

Presented as a tiny plug-in module the 4800LC automatically
calculates a linear output, simplifies design, uses minimal PCB
space and relieves microprocessor demand.

The YSI 4SOOLC Thermistor Linearizing Circuit offers the
Design Engineer new options in precision temperature measurement,
obviating cold junction compensation and making up for low sensitivity.
No more settling for less accuracy, no more concern for non-linear output !

YSI engineers, with years of experience designing circuits for thermistor
applications, have designed one package that allows the use of highly
sensitive thermistors with minimal design effort. The YSI 4800LC requires
no calibration and can match with a variety of thermistors to meet specific
temperature measurement applications.

- Linear output
- Serial and RS-232 output for communication with microprocessor
and readout devices
- Low power consumption allows battery operation
- Resolution 0.0 1°C
- Circuit accuracy ±0.1°C from 0 to 100°C
(system accuracy depends upon thermistor)
- No calibration required

- High-End Instrumentation
- Medical Monitors
- Conductivity Monitors
- pH Monitors
- Oxygen Monitors
- IR Detectors
- Genetic Research Instrumentation
- and more!

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August 2000

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