Differential Pressure Switch for wet media

Initially seen at the Aberdeen Instrumentation show and soon to be
introduced at the Munich Electronica is Wasco's Hall Effect Differential
series of Pressure and Vacuum Switches.

They can work with two wet media, either field-adjustable or pre-set or both.
Pressure settings are from 70mb to 33bar. The vacuum set-points are from
70mb down to 5mb.

The construction relies on a SS-capsule mounted within an SS-compartment
in an outer steel case. Pressure or vacuum is ingeniously applied via
2 pressure psrts to inside and outside the capsule which displaces a magnet
asembly thereby changing the current-output of a Hall Effect sensor which is
excited by a constant voltage. The sensor output is signal conditioned with
a Schmidt Trigger circuit and provides up to 30mA logic level current.

Wasco Differential Switches operate from power supplies at 4½v to 24v DC
over a temperature range from 0°C to 70°C. Outside the 5°C to 50°C
temperature range the set-point "butterflies" by not more than 2%.
All units have a built-in voltage regulator.

Believed to be the first "wet-wet" Differential Pressure Switches in the world,
and coming also as Differential Vacuum types, they are suitable for applications
where two different media are involved, including electrically conductive media,
eg: oil on one side and water on the other. These units are the latest addition to
Wasco's full range of settable Pressure and Vacuum Switches.

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October 2000

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