Ultra-stable OEM Pressure Sensor

Measurement Specialties' ICSensors Division has released a new
Model 87 piezoresistive pressure "cell", for pressure sensing from
l000psi to 5000psi in absolute or sealed gauge versions.

A stainless steel diaphragm transmits the external pressure to a
micro-machined silicon die via the sealed-in silicone fluid. The constant
current fed bridge in the silicon-die provides a nom mat output of 100mV
via temperature-compensating circuits.

±0.25% interchangeability between the spans of different sensors is
provided by means of the built-in gain-set resistor as is ±0.25% pressure
linearity with a max temperature error of ±1.0% all coming as standard.
Thus these new discrete pressure sensors provide the electronics world
with an enhanced solid state high performance device of small dimensions
and intrinsic reliability.

A number of different "fittings" are available eg: a threaded process fitting
with 1/4 inch NPT or 1/4G and hex-mounting, or the more simple 'back end'
option. For the do-it-yourself OEM there is an ingenious new idea where
only the basic sensing element being provided as a "front-end" by itself
makes easy the manufacture of more sophisticated transducers by the

Electrical terminations are by means of cable, connector-on-ribbon,
or solder pins

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March 2001        
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