Selectable range Pressure Transducer. The AutoTran Series-851 Pressure Transducer shown for the first time in Europe comes in 5 main range groups from ±50 Pa to ± 150kPa, where each range is sub-divided into eight selectable sub-ranges, set by an external screw-driver switch. The offset is automatically adjusted at the same time, requiring only a fine trim on the offset adjust adjacent to the rangeset switch. A 3-position slide switch selects the output mode, either 1-5vDC or 1-10vDC or 4-20mA Irrespective of the range and output combination the Accuracy is unimpaired at ± 1% TEB as non-linearity & hysteresis and non-repeatability is included. Compensated from 10°C to 500C, all units operate from 0°C to +650C. These unique range- and output-set units are condensation-proof and cover 85% of all HVAC applications. Warranty is for 2 years, and these lSO-9001 certified amplified sensors have a one-year stability of better than 1%. They come in Inch; Pa, kPa, Bar, or in other units. F EATU R ES 8 selectable ranges set externally 3 selectable outputs set externally Units are condensation-proof Wet-Wet units (for water) supplied No need to open unit to set range External slide-switch to set output Over 85% of all HVAC applications Opportunity to reduce stock positions covered in just 3 units! Supplied with Certificate of Conformity to ISO - 9001 _____________________________________________ More information from: EuroSensor For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Eurosensor006 May 2001
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