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Growth and Expansion at UK Engineering Manufacturer

Exciting times continue for UK based Evolution Measurement Ltd as the company today announces a key internal promotion after further developing their partnership with Guildline Instruments and winning a number of large contracts for the tiny pressure scanner, EvoScann® which is designed and built in house.

Neil Cardinal, will take the lead role of General Manager at Evolution Measurement. As part of the role Neil will manage a number of key projects which will see the company expanding further into Europe and developing the facility in Andover.

Managing Director, Paul Crowhurst said, "This is truly a dynamic time at Evolution Measurement and with Neil at the helm managing the developments at our Andover site, we are able to continue to grow the business whilst investing in further product development."

"We are developing a world class facility here in Hampshire and are proud to have established our name in the Measurement Market as leaders in delivering measurement excellence. Neil will oversee all bespoke projects, taking responsibility for the running of our facility whilst ensuring we continue to deliver excellence to our customers." Continued Paul.

Evolution Measurement partners with Scanivalve Corp and Guildline Instruments to deliver pressure, temperature and electrical measurement systems. With over 225 years combined experience, the team can produce bespoke measurement systems to increase operational and measurement efficiency. The site also hosts the Scanivalve European service and calibration facility.

Company Profile:
Evolution Measurement are experts in industries that require highly accurate physical measurement, instrumentation and calibration.
Based in Andover, they represent Scanivalve Corporation and Guildline Instruments and provide bespoke solutions in multi-point pressure and temperature measurement, as well as engineering automated calibration and test systems and turnkey measurement solutions.
Evolution Measurement also provide local product service and support and work in a diverse range of industries from Aerospace, Motor-Sport, Power Generation, Universities and Research Establishments, where customers value the most technically capable, leading-edge solutions to bring value to their own businesses.

Orders are now being taken for Service and Calibration of Scanivalve instruments.
For more information call: +44 (0)1264 316470,
service@evolutionmeasurement.com or

For more information, please contact:-

Evolution Measurement Ltd.
7 Regents Court, South Way,
Walworth Business Park Andover,
Hampshire SP10 5NX . UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 1264 316470

July 2018

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