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UK Pressure Scanner Manufacturer Partners with German Probe Company

UK based manufacturer, Evolution Measurement announced today a partnership with German based company Vectoflow.

Vectoflow, which is led by Katharina Kreitz, create innovative customer-specific fluid-dynamic probes for aviation and astronautics, turbo machinery, automotive, wind power, shipbuilding, motorsports / competitive sport and Plant engineering and chemical industry.

The probes which are used with pressure scanners, will add to the complement of products available from Evolution Measurement in the UK and Scandinavia where they have an exclusive contract.

Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director said," We are highly impressed by the quality of product and the customer service focus of Vectoflow. There is a strong synergy in the way both our companies operate and we are excited to offer our customers a wider range of products to meet their requirements."

Evolution Measurement also partner with Scanivalve to provide a full range of pressure measurement instrumentation to the UK and Scandinavia, France and Belgium.

For full details on the new Vectoflow product range and the pressure measurement instruments, visit www.EvolutionMeasurement.com

Company Profile:
Evolution Measurement are experts in industries that require highly accurate physical measurement, instrumentation and calibration.
Based in Andover, they represent Scanivalve Corporation and Guildline Instruments and provide bespoke solutions in multi-point pressure and temperature measurement, as well as engineering automated calibration and test systems and turnkey measurement solutions.
Evolution Measurement also provide local product service and support and work in a diverse range of industries from Aerospace, Motor-Sport, Power Generation, Universities and Research Establishments, where customers value the most technically capable, leading-edge solutions to bring value to their own businesses.

Orders are now being taken for Service and Calibration of Scanivalve instruments.
For more information call: +44 (0)1264 316470,
service@evolutionmeasurement.com or

For more information, please contact:-

Evolution Measurement Ltd.
7 Regents Court, South Way,
Walworth Business Park Andover,
Hampshire SP10 5NX . UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 1264 316470

November 2018

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