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WiSNet Wireless Sensor Network. Expert Monitoring's WiSNet Wireless Sensor Network allows any range of sensors or instruments to be installed quickly, securely and easily without the expense or inconvenience of cabling at distances up to 1.4 Km. A typical WiSNet solution uses an unlimited number of sensor transmitter modules spread around a machine process or site, securely sending sensor data through industrial Bluetooth technology to an Ethernet or USB network controller unit that is connected direct to a LAN running the WiSView software. Expert Monitoring's WiSNet Wireless Sensor Network allows any sensor or instrument to be installed quickly and easily by non-technical staff, without the need for any site-based configuration or set-ups, where each sensor transmitter module can operate on mains power or alternatively batteries in the field for up to 3 years. ____________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Dr Ken Gale Product Development Director Expert Monitoring Ltd Cardiff Business Technology Centre Tel: +44(0) 2920 647021 March 2004
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