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Model FN7325 Multi-Axis Force/Torque Transducer. The Model FN7325 range of multi-axis transducers from FGP Sensors measures up to 6 axes of force and torque in one compact transducer package. Standard force ranges from +/-5kN to +/-250kN plus torque range from +/-200Nm to +/-7000Nm offer unrivalled performance. The transducer is available with a common Wheatsone bridge configuration or with built-in amplification. Typical applications include : Automotive damper testing, engine mount characterisation as well as evaluation of components or whole vehicles during crash testing. FGP Sensors have over 30 years experience with transducer design and application. Should the standard FN7325 not quite suit your application we will design a transducer that will. __________________________________________________

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April 2005
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