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Model XFTC 300 Miniature
Tension/Compression Load Cells.

The Model XFTC 300 miniature tension/compression
load cells are designed for the measurement of static
and dynamic force where the  size and reliability of the
load cell is critical.

By utilising high stability micro-machined strain gauge technology
we can offer high stiffness load cells with measurement ranges
from +/-2N to +/-2000N. 

The standard sizes have either M5 or M10 male threads but other
sizes and female threads are available.

Ranges between 500 and 2000N are also available with integrated
signal conditioning.

For ranges 2N to 200N the signal conditioning can be provided
through our range of in-line amplifiers type XAM.

FGP Sensors have over 30years of transducer application experience
and our technical engineers are available to help you select a transducer
suitable for the most diverse of applications.

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February 2006
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