New Dropout range of super-efficient compressed air “free water” removal products now available from Farnell

Revolutionary, patented design brings an alternative to existing inefficient high life cost alternatives

Farnell element14 has announced it will stock the new Dropout® water separator range, featuring an innovative design that improves the effectiveness of liquid water removal from compressed air applications whilst significantly reducing the whole life costs. This unique approach has already generated significant interest from a multitude of industries from dentistry, automotive, agricultural and manufacturing to oil and gas exploration.

Featuring a unique approach, Dropout offers a super-efficient water condensate removal solution that operates without any mains power, chemicals or consumables, available globally through Newark element14 in North America, Farnell element14 in Europe, and element14 in Asia Pacific.

Significantly, Dropout not only removes 99.999% of liquid water and oil, but also solid contamination down to 0.5 micron, and in certain cases has been successfully demonstrated as a suitable alternative to a refrigerant dryer. A video showing how Dropout works is available here.

As well as operating as a stand-alone point of use water separator, Dropout can also offer protection to refrigerated and desiccant dryers by removing bulk liquid and contaminants upstream. What is particularly unique about the patented multi-impact design means it doesn’t need to rely on stable flow or pressure to reach optimum performance, unlike traditional cyclonic separators, meaning the performance remains constant at flows between 0.04cfm and 500cfm.

Chris Godfrey, Global Product Director Test & Tools at Farnell element14 said, “Water removal from compressed air is a huge issue and a significant cost for many industries. There are already a number of after-market solutions available, but they can be far from ideal, bringing high operating costs including consumables along with high power consumption. Dropout’s solution can enhance the performance of these or in certain cases replace the need, with a product that is a real industry changer.”

Andy Bird, Managing Director of Dropout Europe, added, “We are pleased to see how positive the feedback to our latest product has been, particularly in industries where customers are able to save the cost of installing a refrigerant dryer. Changing the way end users approach and think about water removal is our passion and we feel that in Dropout we can finally offer a credible alternative to traditional water removal equipment - without the high investment and maintenance costs that these usually bring.”

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August 2013

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