Farnell element14 launches ultra low-power Cypress PSoc 1 kit for cost-efficient battery-powered applications

Easy-to-use lowest-power PSoC 1 with integrated USB, I2C and SPI

Farnell element14 has launched the newest low-power, low-cost device in the PSoC® 1 family from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. This exclusive kit features Cypress’ new CY8C24x93 low-power PSoC1 and brings the power of PSoC to life in an ultra low-power and low-pin count configuration. Priced at £14.52, it is available from Farnell element14 in Europe.

Its full range of features and interfaces enables streamlined and cost-efficient designs, and include thermistor and humidity analog sensors, 4 Segment LCD, IR LED for remote control, power and data logging through full speed USB 2.0, onboard programmer, potentiometer and accessible open GPIO pins. It is ideal for battery or handheld applications; with its 1.1mA current draw in Active mode, 1.07 µA in Standby mode, and 100nA in Deep Sleep mode with the ability to wake up from an interrupt.

“We are delighted to partner with Farnell element14 to offer our newest PSoC 1 products, which deliver the flexibility and mixed-signal peripherals of PSoC along with USB-to-Serial connectivity,” said John Weil, Senior Director of PSoC Marketing at Cypress. “Designers will find the devices easily accessible in a low-cost development kit that can be used standalone or as a slave shield with host ecosystems like the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit, Arduino Kits and Raspberry Pi kits. Through Farnell element14, we have the ability to take a decade worth of successful commercial development on PSoC 1 and offer it in this low-cost package to a wider spectrum of users from hobbyists, education to production.”

The device integrates a 10-bit ADC and two comparators, along with 3x 16-bit timers, and an 8-bit IDAC. Available in multiple small-footprint packaging options from 3x3 mm2 to 7x7 mm2 QFN, the combination of the small package sizes and analog resources make it ideal for integrated, space-constrained system solutions.

This kit can also be used as an accessory board through an Arduino footprint-compatible header that brings out power and ground, I2C, SPI, UART and Multiple GPIO. PSoC 1 devices are supported by Cypress’ PSoC Designer™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE) which features pre-verified, production-ready User Modules for creating custom solutions.

“We are excited about the opportunities the PSoC 1 offers to design engineers on cost-efficiency, simplified design and faster time-to-market,” said David Adams, Senior Director of Technology Development at Farnell element14. “The PSoC 1 is the latest in our ever-expanding range of solutions offering everything from starter kits to complete development boards, including the newest releases and exclusive bundles.”

For more information on dev kits visit: http://www.farnell.com/development-kits

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