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New digital mass flow sensors with very high accuracy in both flow directions

First Sensor presents the new cost-effective Sensortechnics WBI mass flow sensors with ranges of 200 sccm and 1 slpm. In addition to unidirectional devices the WBI series offers bidirectional sensors to measure flows in both directions.

The digital flow sensors achieve a very high accuracy over the complete measuring range in the positive as well as negative flow direction. A linear output signal is available via a digital I²C bus interface (analogue output on request).

The WBI mass flow sensors utilise a very sensitive thermal measuring principle to detect even lowest air and gas flows. The sensors feature a 2.7…5.5 V supply and low power consumption to allow for battery powered portable or handheld applications. The small housings enable space-saving and flexible PCB-mounting and compact OEM device constructions.

The Sensortechnics WBI flow sensors are ideal for medical device applications such as ventilators, sleep diagnostic equipment, CPAP, anaesthesia machines, spirometers and oxygen concentrators/conservers. Due to their fast response time the sensors ensure the early detection of the patient's breathing phases and thereby improve the device control system. Further applications include HVAC, leak detection, analytical and laboratory devices as well as fuel cells.

Important features of the new WBI series:

Flow ranges 200 sccm and 1 slpm
Very high accuracy in both flow directions
Digital I²C bus interface
Fast response time and low power consumption

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March 2013

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