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Custom flush mount pressure transmitters for medical devices

First Sensor offers custom Sensortechnics pressure transmitters especially suitable for use in medical devices such as haemodialysis machines, transfusion systems, blood processing equipment and infusion pumps.

These pressure sensors are based on highly accurate and long term stable ceramic pressure cells with excellent media compatibility. The flush mount transmitters feature stainless steel or PPS plastic housings and can be easily cleaned or disinfected. Also, there is no risk of leakage as with oil-filled pressure sensor elements.

The custom flush mount pressure transmitters provide all common analogue current and voltage output signals. Further, versions with internal microprocessor for digital signal processing and I²C or SPI bus interface are available. The calibrated, temperature compensated and linearised sensor signals achieve very high accuracies e.g. with Total Error Bands (TEB) better than ±0.5 %. Optional, First Sensor programs custom communication protocols as well as additional functionality such as status requests, diagnostic messages or an auto-zero function.

First Sensors custom sensor solutions range from fast and cost-effective modifications of standard products to completely new developments. They allow OEM device manufacturers to shorten their design cycle, save development costs and achieve competitive advantages as well as fast innovations to the market.

Important features of the custom flush mount pressure transmitters:

Accurate and long term stable ceramic pressure cells
Stainless steel or PPS plastic housings
Analogue output signals or digital interfaces
Very high accuracy (Total Error Band)

For more information, contact:

First Sensor AG
Phone: +49 30 6399 2399
Fax: +49 30 6399 2333

July 2013

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