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Optical oxygen sensors offer long lifetime and high stability

First Sensor presents the new fluorescence-based optical oxygen sensors of the XYO series. The highly accurate sensors measure ambient oxygen partial pressure (ppO2) from 0…300 mbar.

With an optional integrated pressure sensor the XYO devices can convert the ppO2 reading to an oxygen concentration (%O2). Due to the non-depleting sensing principle the optical XYO series provides a much longer lifetime compared to electrochemical oxygen sensors. Further, the fully compensated sensors are highly stable in respect to temperature or barometric pressure changes.

First Sensor's XYO optical oxygen sensors feature low power consumption and are ideal for battery powered applications in portable or handheld devices. The sensors connect directly to a microcontroller via a RS232 interface without the need of any additional signal conditioning circuitry. The maintenance-free and cost-effective devices are RoHS compliant and show virtually no cross-sensitivity to other gases. The small plastic housing allows for space-saving PCB-mounting.

Important features of the XYO oxygen sensors:
* Non-depleting optical technology (fluorescence quenching)
* Oxygen partial pressure (ppO2) measurement from 0…300 mbar
* Optional oxygen concentration measurement (%O2)
* Long-life and low power consumption

Typical applications of the new fluorescence-based XYO oxygen sensor include respirators, high altitude training, confined space monitoring, fire prevention, oxygen analyzers, laboratory equipment and agriculture.

About First Sensor
First Sensor is a leading supplier of sensor solutions in the Medical, Industrial, Mobility, and Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services fields. First Sensor develops and manufactures high-quality, customer-specific sensor solutions for the detection of light, radiation, pressure, flow, level and acceleration. The company produces in-house and along the value adding-chain from component to system level. In 2013, First Sensor achieved annual sales of €109 million. Employing more than 750 people, the company is represented at 18 locations around the world.

For more information, contact:

First Sensor AG
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Phone: +49 30 6399 2399
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July 2015

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