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Eldridge Products mass flowmeters launched in UK: Thermal mass gas flow measurement made simple.

With over 20 years experience in production and design of thermal mass flow metering solutions, Eldridge Products are at the forefront of their field in the USA. Now, for the first time, the benefits of their expertise and cutting edge technology are available in the UK through Flotech Solutions.

Thermal mass flow solutions are available to suit a wide range of applications and include in-line, insertion and multi-point sensors to suit duct diameters from 0.5'' to 60'' and above.

Standard material offerings include 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy and Monel.

A revolutionary offering, unique to Eldridge Products, is the new FAT 'Flow Averaging Tube' design.

Available in both insertion-type and in-line versions, this new design concept greatly simplifies installation requirements and provides a stable flow measurement under conditions where disturbances in the flow profile would defeat traditional thermal mass flow devices.

All sensor types are available with either ATEX EExd or safe-area transmitters in integral or remote-mounted versions.

A key advantage held by all Eldridge Products thermal mass flow meters is their advanced 'Master-Touch' transmitter technology, providing the user with a powerful feature set:

Exceptional accuracy of +/- [1% of reading + (0.5% of full scale + 0.2%/C)].

Turndown ratio of at least 100:1.

Repeatability of 0.2% Full Scale.

Easy to use pushbutton operator.

Up to four independent metering ranges, and the ability to switch between ranges without interrupting the measured process.

A wide variety of user-selectable engineering units that dynamically convert the flow rate and accumulated total to the new units.

Continuous time stamping of maximum and minimum flow values.

Selectable 4-20 mA or 0-5 VDC proportional output signal.

Two 1-Amp user-configurable relays can be set to provide limit alarms, perform batch counting functions or provide a pulse/ frequency output.

RS232/ 485 serial communications allow remote monitoring and configuration of the transmitter using Eldridge free issue 'EPICommunicator' PC software.

'LightWIRE' infrared communications capability for local control via PC with Communicator IR module or via Communicator II and III handheld IR remote control units.

The Eldridge Products range of thermal mass flow meters represent an accurate, robust and reliable solution to many industrial gas flow monitoring applications.

Automotive Industry (Compressed air monitoring; Natural gas consumption; Powder paint air flow; Paint booth / paint oven ventilation).

Utility Services (Stack or flue gas monitoring; Waste water aeration; Ventilation systems; Digester gas monitoring; Nitrogen purge; combustion air; Boiler inlet air).

Food Processing (Drying air; Ventilation systems; Boiler inlet air; Exhaust gas; Compressor lines).

HVAC (Air balancing; Duct flows; Energy conservation; Fume hoods; Clean rooms).

Laboratory and R and D (Flow research; Biomedical studies; University studies; Toxicology studies; Energy studies; Clean rooms).

Petroleum and gas Industries (Landfill gas recovery; Flare gas monitoring; Gas mixing; Gas quality studies; Leak testing).

For a fast, reliable solution to your flow applications call our dedicated team of flow specialists.


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February 2006

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