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Flotech adds Hastelloy tube and high pressure options to QUANTIM Coriolis mass flow meter range.

Flotech announces the release of two new high specification options for the Brooks QUANTIM Coriolis family of low-flow liquid and gas flow measurement products. A Hastelloy C-22 Coriolis sensing tube is now available for use on applications monitoring particularly corrosive liquids and gases, and a new high pressure option can now be specified for operational pipeline pressures up to 300 bar (4500 psi).

The Hastelloy tube option has been introduced as a further safeguard against particular types of corrosion, such as stress corrosion. The basic QUANTIM Coriolis design incorporates a sensing tube that is sealed to the body with a high purity weld, thus significantly reducing corrosion potential. This weld sealing technique actually uses patent-pending tube-to-body joining technology. Incorporating a Hastelloy tube further protects QUANTIM from chlorides, and is applicable to other applications where stress corrosion may be a concern, or in applications where erosion of the stainless steel tube may be considered a possibility over time. Hastelloy is considerably more corrosion-resistant to chlorides than the standard 316L stainless tube.

The standard QUANTIM is suitable for 100bar line pressure applications, and with the new standard optional high pressure specification this is extended, making the units suitable for all applications up to 300bar.

The Brooks QUANTIM is the lowest flow Coriolis meter and controller available on the market today, and it is available as...

(a) an integrated measurement sensor, flow control valve and control electronics,

(b) an integrated flow measurement transmitter unit, or

(c) as a low profile sensor suitable for operation with a separated transmitter unit. Users can change the measured liquids or gases without switching meters or recalibrating the device in any way, since the measurement is of true mass flow. QUANTIM has no moving parts in the area where process liquids and gases flow, which minimises maintenance requirements. In addition to measuring mass flow, the device can simultaneously measure density and temperature, making it a true multivariable instrument.

Flotech Solutions provide sales and service support for the full range of Brooks QUANTIM products in the UK, in addition to the Brooks thermal mass meters and controllers for gas measurement and control.

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March 2006

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