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The Brodie BiRotor Meter with Automatic Pressure Lubrication for monitoring difficult fuels and solvents.

Does hearing the phrase "Non-lubricating fluid" raise concerns when specifying a positive displacement meter? Well Flotech have the answer with the Brodie APL (Automatic Pressure Lubricated) BiRotor Meter.

The Brodie APL (Automatic Pressure Lubricated) BiRotor Meter from Flotech Solutions is a positive displacement flowmeter designed to measure liquid products like fuels or solvents in the most demanding hydrocarbon industry applications, where accuracy, long life and ruggedness are the prime requirements.

The APL lubrication system has been added to the Brodie BiRotor positive displacement meter to solve this possible problem when measuring non-lubricating products: the APL system lubricates the internal gears and bearings. In satisfying this requirement, the APLsystem utilises pressure to supply the meter bearings and timing gears with a constant supply of clean lubricant. The principal components of the system are a hydraulic cylinder and piston, a differential pressure relief valve, and seals that isolate the lubricant from the product being measured.

The hydraulic cylinder serves as the lubricant reservoir and isolates the flowing product from the lubricant. The cylinder ensures that the lubricant pressure is equal to or greater than the internal meter pressure at all times.

A relief valve protects the meter from excessive pressure during lubricant recharging or flow conditions, by releasing lubricant into the product. This occurs if the lubricant pressure exceeds the pipeline pressure by more than 30 PSI.

The mechanical isolating seals installed between the rotor and rotor bearing isolate the lubricant from the flowing stream. The low torque requirement of the seals does not degrade the high meter accuracy available from the BiRotor Meter, which continues to measure the flow rate and total.

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May 2006

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