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Operating on the well established principle of differential pressure flow measurement, the Flotech family of Eletta flow monitors are economical and robust indicators suitable for a wide range of flow measurement applications in challenging industrial environments.

Primarily designed for plant protection applications, monitoring cooling circuits, lubrication flow to pumps, compressors, generators, water treatment plants and chemical duties, these Flotech flow monitors are fully mechanical instruments, operating totally without any electric power supply. They provide both flowrate indication and alarm switch contacts that are fully adjustable throughout the flowrange.

Eletta flow monitors operate on the differential pressure signal generated across an orifice plate mounted within the carrier body. When the pressure difference (related to the flowrate) exceeds or falls below the set-point, the flowswitch operates. In addition, a clear 120mm diameter indicator provides local indication of flowrate, making switch-point adjustment easy.

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January 2009

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