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Meters improve tanker loading systems.

Oil tanker and tank terminal operators are turning to the Brodie BiRotor Plus flowmeter from Flotech Solutions for improved operational reliability in fiscal transfer measurements.

The industry-leading +/-0.075% measurement accuracy of the BiRotor Plus helical rotor design is maintained throughout the full meter turndown of 30:1. Standard flow ranges are from 150LPM to 3800LPM in up to 4'' line sizes, and larger sizes are available.

Installed on many tanker terminals across Europe and the UK, the Brodie meters demonstrate consistency and reliability that has helped improve truck loading performance for several Marketing Terminal Operators, avoiding the degradation in performance resulting from biofuel additions found with other meter styles.

The meter is available with both a mechanical totaliser output, as well as electronic output: the full Brodie range includes control valves, strainers and air eliminators, as well as complete skid-based metering systems.

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January 2009

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