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USB Sensor Technology

As the Engineering field became challenged with more innovative and complex sensor applications, this created a need for a low cost way to capture data more sufficiently and effectively. Applications in industries across the board are becoming more and more involved and it was only a matter of time before a quick and more efficient solution was needed to obtain output data.

USB drives were becoming very popular and utilized everywhere in the electronic market. This allowed the Sensor industry to follow the trend by creating a USB Sensor Technology for the Load Cell and Sensor market. The USB Solution was virtually a "no brainer" due to its portability, as well as its universal capabilities with computers, handheld displays, and PDA devices. One of the main reasons why mechanical engineers decided to go digital was because of the speed a USB output could obtain data compared to the traditional analog output. The USB Technology is capable of transferring larger amounts of data in a much shorter amount of time.

With the USB solution, the sensor is directly connected to the USB kit which plugs into your computer giving you quick and easy results. USB is able to run up to 12MBps and has high speed capabilities of 480MBps. This setup has one module and one cable making the system less confusing. With fewer components, less technical support is required making the system more cost efficient. The USB solution also provides more stability with the reduction of noise and power supply. Another benefit of this module is its ability to store data digitally. Data logging is made simpler with USB. The user is given unlimited amounts or opportunities to manipulate and refer back to their data results.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. offers a USB Solution which can support FUTEK sensors as well as other Manufacturer's sensors. The FUTEK USB kit includes a USB module as well as basic software making your set up complete and user friendly. The software allows you to easily track and graph data and also features data logging, math functions and several other functions to help you record your sensor's activity. To learn more about USB Technology or FUTEK's USB kits visit http://www.futek.com/USBSensors.aspx or call our Irvine, Ca office and speak to one of our engineers.

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January 2010

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