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Rotary Sensor Solutions OnLine

FUTEK holds a firm commitment to not only providing solutions, but to also sharing the knowledge behind those solutions. Over the past few months, we have been compiling a new online section dedicated to sharing our expertise with our customers - we call it FUTEK Solutions.

And this month, we are releasing our Rotary Torque Sensor Solution Section.
The Rotary Torque Online Section showcases all the necessary details our customers should be aware of when selecting a rotary torque sensor for their unique applications.

From features to models to instruments and accessories, we have outlined all the essentials about rotary torques, making this information accessible at the click of your mouse.

This support document displays the design features of the rotary family – from rotations per minute to material construction to the levels of accuracy, even the option of working with models with built-in encoders. If you view the sensor models, all capacities, RPM maximums and product descriptions are visible. The web section also allows our customers to view what instruments and accessories are compatible with each model. Notably, our USB technology is even available with certain models.

And like our previous web solution sections, FUTEK goes even further with our commitment to share our knowledge and has captured our rotary torque sensors in working applications. Offering our customers example applications and illustrations allows them to see how our products can be uniquely adapted into various environments and fields. Whether you are working in the automotive or automation field, our rotary torque line is known for performing high accuracy rotational measurements no matter the

For more information, please contact :-

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May 2011

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