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A Size That Matters

FUTEK’s Miniature Sensor Series Miniature sensors have started a new wave of possibilities within the test and measurement industry. Not only do they possess the same precision as most robust sensors, but they also alleviate the stresses of space and conformity within a sensor platform.

FUTEK’s miniature load cells and torque sensors carry that same novelty. They are by definition small, but more importantly precise, capable, and versatile. To highlight the many core features these miniature models have, we created yet another web Solution Section. This Solution Section is designed to help engineers build their understanding of “miniature” test measurement platforms.

Within these web pages, users will find technical information highlighting the many core features of our miniature models. Conveniently organized by model specific characteristics, users will find over thirty product solutions. So if your application calls for an In-Line Load Cell, S-Beam Load Cell, or Reaction Torque Sensor, you can easily navigate toward that model.

We also understand that data retention in a measurement platform is essential, and instruments and accessories do in fact play a vital role. Thus, all miniature instruments and accessories are readily available, as well as several industry specific applications demonstrating their use.

So whether your application requires a fatigue rated load cell for automation testing or a precision load cell for delicate medical research, we are sure that where space may be an issue a solution can be found.

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FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
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Voice: 949.465.0900
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March 2012

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