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Application - Wire/Fiber/Cable Tension Measurement

Products In Use

Miniature S-Beam Jr. (LSB200) paired with FUTEK’s UBS Solutions for monitoring tension force and data collection.

Application Summary
Wire tension measurement is an integral part for manufacturers of fibers, cables, and even textile fabrics. This method of measurement allows manufactures to ensure their products fit their requirements.

How it Works
1. To effectively measure the tension/compression per fiber, users utilized the LSB200 pulley accessory.

2. Once installed within the manufacturer’s platform, the LSB200 can stream its measurement onto a PC via FUTEK’s USB Solutions.

3. This PC can monitor all incoming data through FUTEK’s SENSIT Software, including the ability to monitor the force, view live graphs and log data for analysis.

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FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
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Voice: 949.465.0900
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Email: futek@futek.com

March 2012
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