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In-Line Load Cells

Our LCM Series - As our team grows stronger in our expertise, we continue to establish a firm reputation as a "Sensor Solution Source." Being looked at as an expert in the test and measurement field, we decided years ago that we should share our knowledge with our audience. And thus came about our Solution Sensor Section.

This online portion of our website highlights, in progressive detail, the unique features and capabilities of each of our product lines. From load cells to torque sensors to our instruments and software, we've culminated information together in a concise and uniform manner.

This month we released yet another "Solution Sensor Family" surrounding our In-Line Load Cells (LCM Series).Our In-Line LCM Series offers compact, robust models for a variety of applications in numerous

industries. Known for its high accuracy, miniature models, expansive capacity range, and strain relief cable assembly, this series is a great solution for industries in need of In-Line endurance testing solutions.We design and develop our entire LCM Line (nine models) at our headquarters in Irvine, CA, USA. Doing everything in-house allows our prestigious quality assurance and engineering teams to perform routine inspections throughout the production process.Within the LCM Solution Section, you will discover an overview of the sensor line, six distinctive features pertaining to this load cell family, the instruments and software compatible, and conceptual applications to further illustrate the versatility of these load cells.

LCM Series + Instruments
Our instrument and software lines are an extension of our LCM Load Cell Series. We are firm believers that such instrumentation is necessary to complete a sensor platform. Whether you desire a heightened accuracy or a higher sampling rate, FUTEK's line of digital displays, amplifiers, and USB Solutions provide engineers and operators with such solutions.Furthermore, our LCM Series can utilize the power and efficiency of SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software. When pairing SENSIT with our instruments, your traditional testing system evolves into an all inclusive collection and interpretation setup where you can store and analyze data from the comfort of your personal computer.

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June 2013

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