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For assurance purposes, the textile industry, cable manufacturers, wire fabrication houses, and fiber testing labs all heavily rely on load cells to monitor the force on the fibers/wires. FUTEK's LSB200 is an ideal solution since it has a mechanical overload protection and offers both compression and tension measurements, in addition to its compact frame.

In the above illustration, test engineers employ the use of FUTEK's Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell (LSB200) to perform a wire fiber tension application ensuring that their product meets their specified quality standards. As the fiber/wire winds through the load cell pulley accessory, the LSB200 feeds back the amount of tension on the fiber/wire to the controller/instrumentation. Tracking these forces allows operators test the life expectancy of the product (quality), reduce scrap (profitability), and ensures a desired level of quality.

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November 2013

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