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"You have to dig the well before you get thirsty."

When brothers Russell E. and E. George Lawrence founded Lawrence Technological University two years into the Great Depression, it was hard to imagine the impact their school would have on generations to come.

Blue Devil (the LTU mascot) alumni include Donald W. Date, chief architect of the United States' Panama Canal Co., John Z. DeLorean, founder of the DeLorean Motor Company, and Steven A. Balmer, current CEO of Microsoft. Pioneers in their respective fields, each of these men carries on the legacy of hi-tech successes nurtured at LTU.

And FUTEK's CEO, Javad Mokhbery, is proud to stand among these men. As a way to call attention to the innovators that hail from their halls, LTU began their Entrepreneurial Lecture Series in 2006. This series has provided students with unparalleled access to LTU alumni who have accomplished notable achievements over the years. On November 19, 2013, Javad was commissioned to be a part of this lecture series.

Opening with his time spent on campus, Javad's goal was to further his education in the United States in hopes of starting his own technology business. This goal became a reality. In 1988, he started FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. It's due to FUTEK's association with many industries that Javad was able to stay involved in aerospace-related projects.

In fact, he always dreamt of meeting the NASA astronauts who have walked the moon, and FUTEK was his means for that dream to come true. Actually, FUTEK has been involved in many NASA missions, including designing and developing two cryogenic sensors to monitor the movement and drilling force on the Mars Rover Curiosity.

One of the key takeaways Javad left with the students in attendance was: “You have to dig the well before you get thirsty.” And that's exactly how FUTEK was able to work alongside NASA JPL on the Mars rover. Each customer FUTEK partners with has the unique ability to bring about new advancements in science/technology. It's working with these bright-minded engineering teams and organizations that have yielded many outstanding breakthroughs.

That's what Javad wishes for the students at LTU – to make breakthroughs of their own. He hopes that his words of wisdom encourage future engineers to drive far and enjoy the journey. Thank you to LTU for the privilege of being among the noted alumni asked to present at Entrepreneurial Lecture Series.

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January 2014

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