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Futek's Resistance Welding Force Measurement System

On their own, FUTEK products promise accurate results in their individual roles. When grouped together as a single platform, FUTEK sensors, electronics, and software offer maximum efficiency throughout platform functionality. Combining a Load Button Load Cell (LLB) with an IHH500 or USB Solutions and FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software will create a Resistance Welding Force Measurement Package capable of precision results.

This Resistance Welding Force Measurement Package is an ideal solution for operators of an opposed configuration welding setup. By placing an LLB sensor between two opposing electrodes*, the amount of force needed to operate can be conveniently measured and evaluated — in real-time. Utilizing this setup also allows for operators to derive whether applied force is stable prior to welding. Not only is this platform accurate and easy to both setup and connect, but it also extends the life expectancy of the welding equipment in question. Perhaps most importantly, a Resistance Welding Force Measurement System increases the quality of a weld, allowing for minimal scrap throughout production.

In this setup, the Load Button Load Cell measures the force between the top and bottom electrodes. The IHH500 displays real-time measurements, maximizing efficiency, and significantly improves production yields. For those who prefer a complete, computer-based measuring system, FUTEK's USB Solutions serve as plug & play alternative to the IHH500. SENSIT Test and Measurement Software at the end of this platform will allow the operator complete live graphing and data logging functionality to further analyze the data collected.

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February 2014

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