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FUTEK’s Accelerated Stress Test hits 1 Billion Cycles

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. celebrates a landmark achievement as their fatigue stress test triumphs 1 billion cycles. This represents an important test and measurement milestone as sensors on the market don’t typically undergo this type of reliability testing.

The purpose of FUTEK’s accelerated life test was to subject the LSB302 (100 lb. capacity, S-Beam Load Cell) to conditions - stress, strain, and overload - in excess of its normal service parameters in an effort to uncover faults in an expedited amount of time. The test on the LSB302 began in August of 2001 with the unit being loaded at 3 cycles per second at 113% of rated output. As the life test reached 180 million cycles, the load was increased to 150% of rated output. Nearly 15 years later of being overloaded at an accelerated rate, the unit has now completed 1 billion cycles and continues to operate within specifications.

It is also important to understand that the test exemplifies the reliability of the entire system, not just the flexure. Everything is under test including the flexure, gauges, wiring, solder joints, terminals, adhesives, curing and coatings. That includes every element in the system that could cause a failure.
The FUTEK team is struck with high-spirits due to this accomplishment. The LSB302 is very representative of load cells produced by FUTEK, so this accomplishment serves as tangible proof of the reliability built into the company’s products.

FUTEK is beyond proud and overwhelmingly honored to be a dependable partner of the tech industry. Taking on projects with some of the most forward-thinking technology companies in the industry is what motivates FUTEK to continuously exceed the limits of what is normally done.

To learn more about FUTEK’s products and ongoing endeavors, visit: www.futek.com. To learn more about the LSB302, visit the FUTEK Store: LSB302

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June 2015

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