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Speed, Speed, and more Speed

“Vrooom, vroooooommm!” There’s nothing like the roar of a revving engine. It’s fair to say that at some point in our lives we have all experienced a fascination for racecars. Let’s think about it, during our youth we all pretended to be in a racecar, fantasized of adventures on the speedway, or made car noises with our mouths. It's the magic that’s carried with us from our childhood to our adult lives until we’re finally sitting behind the wheel of our dream-car.

To us, the fascination is not only found in the car itself but in the ingenuity that goes into creating these complex machines. At FUTEK, we embrace our captivation for racecars by supporting engineering student’s competing in Formula SAE.

Formula SAE is a student design competition by SAE International (previously known as Society of Automotive Engineers). The beauty of these competitions is that it allows students – from universities worldwide - to explore their engineering abilities and take their creativity to the next level. Students from each team design, build, and test a prototype based on a series of rules. The purpose is both to ensure onsite event operations and promote clever problem solving.

Today, these competitions have gained major traction and attract large audiences. In the United States there are two major locations: California and Michigan (Michigan being the largest event and longest running). Showcased above is one of the many Formula SAE cars that we’ve sponsored, and isn’t she a beaut!

Our team is not your ordinary bunch. Knowing that a FUTEK sensor has played a part in creating some of the universities’ most novel racecars built by students really gets our hearts pumping. I guess you can say that we’re kind of techie in that sense. We’re a team of experimenters, scientist, and engineers who revel when taking on projects that push the cutting edge of innovation. With that said, it should make perfect sense that we enjoy extending our helping hand toward the students who will soon lead tomorrow’s tech world.

Here’s a list of other university racecar programs we have proudly supported as of recent years:

• Stanford’s Solar Racecar Program
• Osprey Racing Program
• ETS Canada
• Oregon Institute of Technology
• McGill Racing Team
• Chinook ETS
• Oregon State University Racing Program
• University of Washington Racing Program
• University of Illinois Racing Program

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July 2015

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