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THE SOLUTION for gathering Sensor Data in your Industrial Application

The FUTEK USB520 answers today's challenge in industrial test and measurement environments for an all-in-one USB data-acquisition component for encoder, switchable profiles, multiple input options and added application compatibilities.

End-users can pair the USB520 with any of the sensors in the FUTEK product line for a single-vendor, high-precision solution or can integrate it into existing applications to improve data acquisition. Based on FUTEK's pioneering test and measurement solutions since 1988 and our very popular USB solutions family, the USB520 has evolved into a data exchange solution that does not compromise speed, taking up to 4800 samplings per second (SPS), nor accuracy at ±0.01% of full-scale range (FSR).

The USB520 serves as a general-purpose controller and amplifier. It eliminates the need for power supply and display equipment, which makes space constraints less of a challenge and allows plug-and-play connection to a PC for data acquisition. It can work with ±400 mV/V output sensors as well as amplified voltage output sensors up to ± 10 VDC, and current amplified systems up to 20 mA. To achieve its compatibility with amplified sensors, it can supply up to 24 VDC to the sensor and supply simultaneous 5 VDC to power items such as encoders in rotary sensors.

The digitization of this USB solution significantly reduces the negatives of traditional platforms such as noise, low accuracy, temperature variation, and excitation. In fact, its speed does not compromise resolution (noise-free bits) making it a leader in its class. Its small size, integrated DIN rail clip, and aluminum enclosure are factors that contribute to convenience and durability in a rugged environment.

The USB520 is compatible with various sensor types including strain gauge sensors, amplified output sensors (both voltage and current) and rotary sensors with encoder. The USB520 accepts measurements of load; torque; pressure; encoder angle, speed, and direction; temperature; and displacement. It can stream to a computer using FUTEK SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software. This software suite collects, graphs, and interprets sensor data, and includes a dynamic library link (DLL). The associated DLL file can be used in various programs such LabVIEW and Visual Studio to command the USB520.

We at FUTEK invite you to look at a few of our specifications here. If the USB520 could enhance your application, please call our office or visit our website for more information.

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September 2015

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