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The Smaller, the Better...

As we progress into a world where automated manufacturing, robotic surgery, and computers fit in the palm of your hand, one trend is apparent: We are shifting from bulky, oversized technologies to compact and smaller developments.

This trend is ubiquitous and it’s been going on for decades. This phenomenon is referred to as Moore’s Law, but we prefer to just call it progress. In this ever-evolving tech landscape, companies in every manufacturing and industry segment are faced with the challenge of developing smaller product options that surpass the capabilities of previous technologies. Let us tell you that “the bigger, the better” concept is not the case around here.

The notion of being able to do more with less has led to the creation of some of today’s most attention-grabbing developments, including the smart phone sitting in your pocket, digestible sensors used to diagnose patients in the medical field, and industrial robots integrated into manufacturing facilities. This general course of tendency benefits all industries.

Inspired by the trend to improve, our engineers repeatedly introduce some of the most forward thinking solutions in the test & measurement industry. Our electronics are a testament to this principle. And while we can push the envelope in certain frontiers, we also have to be mindful of the willingness for the industry to adapt to our solution.

In the field of sensors, our approach is to continuously push for compact size. And though these sensors may be small in size, they are capable of measuring extreme capacities. This is why our mini series play such a vital role in progressive industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive and manufacturing.

As a supplier of test and measurement tools, we feel it’s our duty to continuously adapt and create. Whether that means creating more subminiature components or customizing a product to meet the requirements of your unique application, you can count on us to get the job done.

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October 2015

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