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Come Summertime, A Whole New USB520

It's easy to say that 2016 has been a busy year so far for new product releases. From our new analog amplifiers (the IAA series) to our latest miniature in-line load cell (the LCM100), we are not slowing down on our aim to produce some very innovative sensor solutions.

In fact, due to the popularity of our USB520 model, our first round of stock sold out much sooner than anticipated. We realized that our users loved this model because they needed the flexibility of a device that read millivolt, voltage, and current inputs, as well as encoder inputs, and then translated that into digitized data.

But we also noticed that the footprint of this design could be smaller. So re-manufactured housing while still keeping the robustness and the integrated DIN rail clip. With dimensions reduced to 2.37" x 3.80", the latest version of this model will be able to fit in more snug environments.

Let us know what you think!

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April 2016

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