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Global Expansion to Better Serve You

Our team here at FUTEK is committed to providing our customers from all over the world with the best sensor solutions. Although we are headquartered in sunny Southern California, we have offices across the United States as well as international representation in over 20 countries around the world.

We work very closely with our qualified international and domestic representatives so that our customers receive the best quality and services regardless of where they may be. Our team understands how important it is for our customers to receive technical support in their time zones, as well as in their native languages.

We don’t believe language should be a barrier for excellent service, so we are constantly coming up with new ways to make sure that all of our customers feel comfortable communicating with us, no matter where they may be on the globe. In addition to our English and Mandarin catalogs, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently added German, French, and Spanish language to our lineup.
If you have any questions about our catalog or product offering. Feel free to shoot us an email back. We’re happy to help with any questions you may have.

In Stock: Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Sensors

FUTEK’s Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Sensors come in a variety of sizes and capacities. These sensors are designed for in-line measurements.

• OEM models available (In order to save time and resources for your organization, we highly encourage involving us in the early stages of your OEM projects. Simply email us back for more info.)
• 0.5 to 1.5 in thru holes
• 5 in-oz [0.04 Nm] to 10000 in-lb [1130 Nm] capacity range

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APPLICATION 312 - Valve Torque Testing

Oil refineries sewage treatment centers, and sprinkler manufacturers all need to perform cycle testing to make sure that their valves will not leak or jam over time. Check out this application to see how engineers use FUTEK's Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Sensors to ensure that the same amount of torque is applied across every rotation during valve torque testing.

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New Technical Article
Robotic surgical systems provide surgeons with visual and auditory feedback, but are they able to accurately mimic our sense of touch? Providing tactile/physical or "haptic" feedback can be crucial to those using surgical systems. Discover how FUTEK's Miniature Load Cells and Torque Sensors enable surgical systems to provide haptic feedback.

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August 2016

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