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  Sensor detects clamping force.

Specially designed to be mounted inside the bore of a bolt, a force-sensor sends signals about the clamping force applied to an external receiver. When bolts are used to apply precise forces to the clamped parts it is often difficult to establish, from the applied torque, those forces. Variations of surface finishes, fit of bolts and mating surfaces may absorb up to 90% of the torque in friction. Systems to determine true clamping forces can use compression washers, load cells, and ultrasonics, but may not be practicable or economic to use. A new low-cost solution is the Kyowa bolt-sensor which can be used with existing standard bolts in sizes from M6 up to M12. A single linear strain gauge is mounted on a 2mm-diameter former. The former is inserted into a 2mm-diameter hole drilled axially into the bolt head, occupying a position in the shank of the bolt. The measured strain, detected by the strain gauge, has a linear relationship with the clamping force. The device may be used to calibrate a torque device for a specific application. It is also possible to measure the forces continuously during a working cycle of the components. ___________________________________________________ For further information please contact: Graham & White Instruments Ltd. Tel +44(0) 1727 859373 Fax +44(0) 1727 844272 November 2000
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