Extension Transducers survive
 harsh environments.

Sensors UK has introduced a series of extension transducers designed for operation in harsh environments where they can monitor position or movement of hydraulic equipment, mobile cranes, theatre stages, stacking systems and production machinery. The GS80 series transducers provide output signals that are linear and proportional to movements from a few centimetres up to 30m. They are housed in an aluminium case, protected to lP-65, and incorporate a wear-resistant water and dust wiper, with bellows, on the cable path. A cable clip is attached to the moving element and the transducer body fixed to a stationary surface. As the target moves in relation to the transducer body, the cable is withdrawn from a drum spool. A constant torque returnspring motor maintains cable tension during extraction and return. The number of drum revolutions is counted by an angle encoder either potentiometrically, incrementally or absolutely coded and converted into an analogue or digital signal. ___________________________________________________ For further information please contact: Graham & White Instruments Ltd. Tel +44(0) 1727 859373 Fax +44(0) 1727 844272 February 2001
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