Non-contact Optical Sensors

Non-contact precision measurement of position, displacement, distance, vibration, contour or thickness is possible with the M5 Series of optical sensors from Sensors UK. The sensors employ either LED or laser light and the optical triangulation principle, to give users an analogue signal which is linear and proportional to the measured distance. The M5 Series offers measuring ranges from 250p to 400mm, with repeatability of 1µ and resolutions down to 0.1µ. The frequency response varies from 10kHz to 25kHz depending on the model. It is able to function in ambient lighting levels of 20,000 lux without deterioration in performance. ___________________________________________________ For further information please contact: Sensors UK Ltd. Tel +44(0) 1727 859373 Fax +44(0) 1727 844272 February 2001
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