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Cylinder Sensors - A major re-think.

ipf electronic GmbH, represented exclusively in the UK by
GDL Automation Limited, have been listening to their
customers again.

Users explained to ipf the difficulties replacing and installing conventional
sensors.  Often this could only be done with the cylinder removed from
the machine or application as the sensor had to be slid into place from
either end.  Conventional sensors stood proud from the cylinder leaving
them vulnerable and for short stroke compact cylinders the conventional
miniature sensors where often too long. 

The result is the MZ070176 that has been introduced to tackle these
problems.  With its Novel mounting method the sensor can be installed
from the top using a simple clamping method.  This provides a stable
reliable seating method and the unique thread design prevents
over-tightening.  The low profile allows the entire sensor to be contained
within the cylinder grove improving protection and saving space.
The overall length is reduced from 30 mm to just 18 mm making it
suitable for use with short stroke cylinders.

Proven qualities of conventional sensors have been maintained and
improved, oil resistant PUR cable is maintained and a high visibility
yellow LED status indicator has been adopted that can be seen easily
even in bright sunlight.

The flexibility of the design makes them compatible with all square
grove cylinders from Festo, Norgren, SMC and GDL's own range
from MIT. 

For more details contact GDL for a data sheet, samples are also
available for evaluation purposes on a 30-day Sale or return basis.

For more information, please contact :-
Graham Wingate, 
GDL Automation Limited, William Kelvin Building, 
Claylands Road, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, SO32 1BH. UK
Telephone: +44(0)1489 897490   Fax: +44(0)1489 897491

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June 2002
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