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 NEW technology miniature load cell is world's first.

The new XFTC-101-M5 series miniature load cell from G S Sensors is
said to be the world's first to measure as low as 2 Newtons full scale
range, with a high overload capacity of 4 times the measurement range.

This is achieved by use of new technology allowing optimisation at low ranges
by employing a mechanical amplifier coupled with an aluminium alloy or stainless steel
sensing element, to which are bonded high stability micro-machined silicon
strain gauges.

Seven measuring ranges are available of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Newton,
all offering a high sensitivity output of 150 mV F.S. and an accuracy of better
than +/-0.5% F.S.

The load cell is suitable for both static and dynamic applications and has a
standard mechanical fitting of M5 male threads, but can be supplied with female
fittings, a choice of M6 or M8 threads and other custom options.


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Ref: GS001
June 2000

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