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New miniature dynamic Torque Transducer

Designed for applications where space is at a premium,
the new CD1050 miniature torque transducer is ideal
for in-line torque measurements.

The transducer's dimensions for the lowest ranges of 10Nm to 100 Nm
are only 40mm x 50mm x 50mm, with four further larger ranges available
up to +/-7000Nm offering an accuracy of 0.25% including linearity,
hysteresis and repeatability.

The sensing element of the CD1050 consists of thin-layer strain gauges
connected in a Wheatstone bridge configuration, and signal transmission
is via long-life slip rings, designed and built by FGP to a high specification.

Designed for industrial and research applications in both static and
dynamic modes, the transducer will operate up to speeds of 4000 rpm
and can accept overloads of up to 3 x F.S. It operates with a 10 Vdc supply
and provides an output of 1.5 to 2.0 mV/V.

Various mechanical fittings are available, including square male couplings,
cotter pins or smooth shaft fixings. The transducer can be supplied
with an instrumentation unit displaying the torque values digitally.

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Ref: GS003
October 2000

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