Geflex splits itself in four. Gefran presents the GFX4, an extension to the Geflex range of modular power controllers. GFX4 is a real innovation in the field of electric power control in industrial heating processes. The device has been designed to control 4 individual process loops and directly manage and control the electric power, providing a wide range of diagnostic and control information (for example the current consumption, control of each zone, efficiency of cooling and full alarm operation ). The features and performance of the GFX4 "combine" all of Gefran's experience and know-how, the result of more than 35 years in the industrial process control field. Its integration into the most varied application architectures is fast and immediate, as the GFX4 independently carries out the requested tasks (it does not need to be programmed!) thanks to the powerful onboard firmware. From an operational viewpoint, the GFX4 consists of an array of analogue/digital inputs, an electric power management section, a digital and relay output control block, an interface with the field bus and a powerful, intelligent CPU to control the entire unit. Inputs The GFX 4 universal input ability offers great flexibility. Standard process inputs such as thermocouples (types J,K,R,S,T,B and N), RTDs (PT100, JPT100) and linear signals (0..60mVdc or 4..20mA) are accepted. A digital input option is available for input control of the unit (On/Off, SetPoint1/SetPoint2 etc). Outputs Four standard outputs (TRIAC, Logic or Analog - typically used for cooling), and two relay outputs are standard for alarm, process tracking, DAQ or other communications. The power section command outputs are normally dedicated to the management of the unit's 4 power sections, but may also be utilized for 4 external power units. Power management unit A portion of the available intelligence is dedicated to managing the load power. The GFX4 is available in 4 basic models: for the command of external power units, and for power up to 13, 22 and 35Kw (@ 220Vac). The distribution of the electrical load to each of the available power zones is entirely settable by the user. For example, in a 22Kw @220Vac model, where there would theoretically be 4 zones of 25° available, it is possible to assign percentage values that reflect the priority of each zone, allowing the current limitations to be exceeded: A series of powerful power management algorithms, a Gefran innovation, enable control to be adapted to the most varied and challenging applications.. For example, when the rated power is less than the nominal power and the speed of start-up is not critical, it is possible to exploit a power connection management method (which also utilizes the internal control of their temperatures) that can achieve power values up to double that of the nominal value. Connectivity All the products in the Geflex range are designed and configured for connection by means of Field Buses. The classical architecture foresees two different types of product: the Master (which contains an interface bus) and the slave, which connects to the Geflex subnet. The supporting field busses are amongst the most commonly used in the automation field: PROFIbus, CANOpen and Modbus. Diagnostics A portion of the GFX4's intelligence provides detailed information regarding the correct operation of the device and the loads connected to it. A current transformer can provide information regarding the actual load consumption or the correct functioning of the command connection. A special absorption sensor provides information regarding the functioning of the actuator connected to the cooling outputs. __________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Gefran CRL Ltd Unit B10, Hortonwood 10, Telford, Shropshire TF1 7ES. UK Tel: +44(0) 1952 604555 Fax: +44(0) 1952 677455 Email: Website: May 2005
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