GTK series of pressure transmitters.

As part of its wide range of industrial pressure
transducers and transmitters, GEFRAN presents
the new TK series, a compact instrument with
highly stable electronics and excellent quality/price

TK transmitters are based on the thick film extensimetric
measurement principle, which Gefran has refined over the
years, gaining know-how to produce highly reliable, high
performance products for use in applications requiring long
distance signal transmission, in intelligent control systems,
and under critical and demanding conditions.

TK pressure transmitters have been developed mainly to
measure oil pressure, air pressure, and hydraulic circuit pressure.
They are also used in the process technique and measurement

Available pressures range from 0...3 to 0...500 bar and from
-1...+1 to -1...+10 bar; typical accuracy is ±0.25% FS. Full
configurability during production allows for a variety of electrical
outputs (4...20mA two wires / 0.,1...5.1Vdc / 0.1...10.1Vdc /
0...5Vdc / 0...10Vdc / 1...5Vdc / 1...10Vdc) and various process
connections, both standard and custom. 

Thanks to its extensive know-how in the field of pressure sensor
technology and to its experience in industrial process control,
GEFRAN offers a wide range of models, each of which is
designed to satisfy specific applicative requirements.

Our customers can choose from a wide variety of pressure
transducers and transmitters according to the type of process
to be controlled.

The products differ based on output signal, process connection,
level of accuracy, and pressure range.

Measurement ranges run from 250 mbar to 5000 bar.

For more information, please contact :-

Gefran CRL Ltd
Unit B10, Hortonwood 10, Telford, Shropshire TF1 7ES. UK
Tel: +44(0) 1952 604555  Fax: +44(0) 1952 677455

May 2005
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